Community Programmes - Fri 26 Feb

6-7pm Hear We Are

Ways to make a difference where you live.

Presented by Shamim Akhtar

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Ben’s Big Tunes

Big tunes to start your weekend.

Presented by Ben Llwellyn

Community Programmes - Thu 25 Feb

6-7pm Cancer Journeys

Jacqui Drake talks to other cancer patients and their families about their incredible stories.

This week the guest is Anthony Thompson who has Squamous Cell Carcinoma in their jaw and mouth.

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30 minutes of madness and heavy sounds.

Presented by DJ Moshua

Community Programmes - Wed 24 Feb

6-7pm Radio Venus

An oasis of fine female broadcasting.

Presented by the Radio Venus team

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Melody’s Musicals – The Prom

Melody casts a critical ear over the musical – The Prom.

Presented by Melody Soundy

Community Programmes Tuesday 23 February

6-7pm Press Start

Your monthly roundup of video gaming news.

Presented by Derek Doherty anf Rachel Barraclough

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Izzy Harper

Community Programmes Monday 22 February

6-7pm Grow Your Own Way

How to grow anything and everything, indoors and outdoors in Bradford.

Presented by Martin Bijl and Sarah White

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Gig Buddies Radio Show

Join the Gig Buddies (Becks, Savanah and Rachael) as they get together and talk about enjoying themselves and what the Gig Buddies project means to them.

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