Speech Based Programmes - Wed 20 Oct

2-3pm 10 Today (exercise for older people)

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Whittaker’s World

This week Clive Whittaker interviews Jeanette Sunderland, Leader of the Liberal Democrats party and Councillor for Idle and Thackley. He finds out what inspired her to go into politics. Clive also finds out about the Springfield Youth Centre which is one of her passions and how Springfield has grown over the Covid times since 2020.

Speech Based Programmes - Wed 20 Oct

1-2pm Grow Your Own Way

How to grow anything and everything, indoors and outdoors in Bradford.

Presented by Martin Bijl and Sarah White

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Lyn Paul Special

Ahead of her appearance in Blood Brothers at the Bradford Alhambra, here’s another chance to hear Lyn Paul’s chat with The Equity Show’s Andy Suthers. ‚Äč

Speech Based Programmes - Wed 20 Oct

12-1pm JD’s Showbiz Razzle Dazzle

Jacqui Drake talks to people connected with theatre. She chats to them about their involvement, their love of the arts, how they got started and plays their favourite show tunes.

Guest: Katrina Wood

Speech Based Programmes - Wed 20 Oct

9-10am Pick of the Podcasts

Presented by Mike Kelly

Speech Based Programmes - Tue 19 Oct

7-8pm My Pashtoon Story

Broadcast as part of Bradford South Asian Heritage Month 2021 on BCB.

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