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Audre Lorde Remembered

Black lesbian feminist poet Audre Lorde framed political struggle for a generation of women in Europe and USA. It is difficult to overestimate her legacy. To mark twentieth anniversary of her death, Fringe Film Festival 2012 screened ‘Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years 1984- 1992’. The response to the film highlighted the importance of Lorde’s legacy. Denise O’Connor and Betiel Baraki have captured some of the atmosphere for us.

Presented by: Betiel Baraki
Interviews by: Denise O’Connor
Reading of her own introduction: Sarah Ahmed
‘A Litany for Survival’ read by: Sarah Ahmed

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What's on in Camden: Week Beginning March 30th, 2014

The Forge Venue and Caponata Restaurant Mother’s Day: Mr Darcy Unwrapped. Somers Town and St. Pancra’s Action Group. Camden People’s Theatre: Sprint Festival. Also Camden People’s Theatre: Laqueum. Maiden Lane Community Centre: Roundhouse Circus ‘Echoes’. Jobs and Apprenticeship Fair and Easter Play Scheme. Loudest Whispers Exhibition at St. Pancras Hospital.

Read by: Ann Carroll, Marian Larragy, Freddy Chick, Sarah O’Brien, Sarah O’Brien, Joe Hughes and DJ Rudeboy P.Tosh.
Edited by: Sarah O’Brien

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Camden Newscast March 2013

A new combined heat and power generator at the Royal Free will provide energy to homes in Gospel Oak so lowering emissions and making cleaner and more efficient power; Camden’s famous gay Pub, The Black Cap is facing yet another bid to redevelop the site.

Features Editor: Charlotte Briere Edney
Features by: Marian Larragy & Tom Boyle

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Black Cap Under Threat

There is a re-development proposal before Camden’s Development Control Committee which would destroy the Black Cap as we know it, a thriving pub and entertainment venue. This icon of the LGBT world will be lost if people do not make their objections known. Hear why this pub matters and what people think of the proposed re-development.
To make an objection, write to Camden Council. Quote Application Number is 2013/0262/P

Package by: Marian Larragy

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Post Porn - Gay Fringe Festival Challenge to the Porn Industries

Annie Sprinkle has been leading a very particular challenge to the porn industry for many years inspiring the Post Porn social movement. At the London Gay Fringe Festival earlier this year, Spanish artists from the new Transfeminism movement articulated the role of the post porn movement and sexual dissidence in the shake up of repressive aspects of Spanish politics and culture. Denise O’Connor was there to talk to participants about the performance and the sexual politics around it. Also see the comment below!

Presented by: Denise O’Connor with Jayson Mansaray
Edited by: Denise O’Connor

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