Community Programmes Friday 19 February

6-7pm Press Start

Your monthly roundup of video gaming news.

Presented by Derek Doherty anf Rachel Barraclough

Followed by BCB Xtra:

Ben’s Big Tunes

Big tunes to start your weekend.

Presented by Ben Llwellyn

Community Programmes Thursday 18 February

6.30-7pm BCB Xtra:

30 minutes of madness and heavy sounds.

Presented by DJ Moshua

Community Programmes Thursday 18 February

6-6.30pm Cancer Journeys

Jacqui Drake talks to other cancer patients and their families about their incredible stories.

Community Programmes Wednesday 17 February

6-7pm LGBTQ+ History Month on BCB:

BCB marks and celebrates LGBTQ+ history month.

Followed by BCB Xtra

Community Programmes Tuesday 16 February

6-7pm In Your Backyard

Nature trails around Bradford.

Presented by Ian Forward and Malcolm Currie

Followed by BCB Xtra

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