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The War

The second of three short stories written and read by Olivia Ebony White

Produced, recorded and edited: Marian Larragy

# 2023-11-28 by CCRadio | Drama | Everything | Arts and Entertainment

The Visit

The first of three short stories written and read by Olivia Ebony White

Produced, recorded and edited: Marian Larragy

# 2023-09-29 by camden | Everything | Arts and Entertainment | Drama

Camden Fringe 2019: 'No Water In the Jungle' comes

‘I’m going to tell you a story’, says the story teller. ‘Get on with it!’ say the children. Is the tortoise always the villian? Will the lion be the hero? Co-operation is both the key to the story and to how freelance photographer Ifeoma Onyefulu came to have a play for children, in the Camden Fringe Festival.
‘No Water in the Jungle’ has been adapted by someone who comes from a long line of storytellers in Nigerian Igbo tradition.
“No Water in the Jungle: 5th-11th August at 2.30pm
Archway Methodist Church, Archway Close, London N193DT
Tickets £6. Book: 020-824 54 609.

Package: Marian Larragy

# 2019-07-20 by CCRadio | Everything | Drama

Ifeoma Onyefulu on her books for children

Photographer and Storyteller in the Igbo tradition of Nigeria, Ifeoma Onyefulu has been producing children’s books that tell traditional tales. Here she talks with Freddy Chick and introduces him to the liminal ancestors who are always present on special occasions, even if their presence is not quite acknowledged.

Recording: Marian Larragy

# 2019-07-20 by CCRadio | Drama | Everything

Ex-boyfriends may still pay the rent

Theatre maker Haley McGee and her team of mathematicians, set out to calculate the cost of love with her new show The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale. This semi-autobiographical, love child of the Economist and Cosmopolitan will be at Camden Peoples Theatre 20th Nov – 8th Dec. Richard gets the inside scoop on the Exs, paying the bills and naked cartwheels, that are inevitable after any break up, right?

Package by: Richard Pye

# 2018-11-14 by CCRadio | Arts and Entertainment | Drama | Everything