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The War

The second of three short stories written and read by Olivia Ebony White

Produced, recorded and edited: Marian Larragy

# 2023-11-28 by CCRadio | Drama | Everything | Arts and Entertainment

The Visit

The first of three short stories written and read by Olivia Ebony White

Produced, recorded and edited: Marian Larragy

# 2023-09-29 by camden | Everything | Arts and Entertainment | Drama

CCRadio reported on Arsenal Ladies becoming the Invincibles in 2012

This extract from Camden Newscast 18, in 2012 features Taiwo Olungadi’s reports on Arsenal Ladies Team’s spectacular year. Taiwo mentions Ellen White’s decisive goal and list all the achievements in that year.

Later, both Beth Mead and Chloe Kelly, who scored the spectacular winning goal for England Lionesses to win the European Cup, also played for Arsenal.

Other reports in the Newscast – 20 mile zone, the environment and Bloomsbury are still relevant today!

# 2022-08-01 by CCRadio | Everything | On Women

Siubhan McNally - short collection

Born in Belfast in 1960, Siubhan McNally ponders her world prior to the shocking arrival of British troops on the streets in 1969 and how, after moving to London, Belfast remains a touchstone of her later years.
Click on the links to listen also to “Cry” and “Balcony Garden”

Recorded in 2018

Package by Marian Larragy

# 2022-07-26 by CCRadio | Everything | Society, Culture & History

Philosophy of Mind @ Mind in Camden

This podcast is about a ‘Philosophy of Mind’ workshop series, which ran at Mind in Camden, a local mental health charity, in October 2017.
The first part of this podcast is an interview with Sophie Stammers, the creator and facilitator of the workshop series and a philosopher at the University of Birmingham – she tells us about her work and her experience of facilitating the group. The rest of the podcast (from 12.25 onwards) is a group discussion amongst several participants about their experiences of the group – what was most important, what the group felt like, and what has stayed with them…

All of Sophie’s materials for the workshop series are online, so if you like what you hear you can go online and access them yourself at the link next to this podcast.

Package by: Bonnie Astor
Recording: Violet McDonald, Freddy Chick

# 2021-09-10 by CCRadio | Everything | Society, Culture & History | Communities