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  • derek harris (Irene McGarvey talks with DEREK HARRIS)
  • James David (Pride and Prejudice - Part 1)
  • Sheila (Mimi Romilly's "HS2 Protest Song")
  • Felix (Refusing to Implode Politely- Felix)
  • Cina (Refusing to Implode Politely)

Mimi Romilly's "HS2 Protest Song"

Mimi Romilly, lifelong Somers Town resident, came into CCRadio to record her protest song against HS2.
Here it is. Expect more from Mimi and her song of protest against the train.

# 2020-10-27 by CCRadio | Everything | Music Showcases

Philosophy of Mind @ Mind in Camden

This podcast is about a ‘Philosophy of Mind’ workshop series, which ran at Mind in Camden, a local mental health charity, in October 2017.
The first part of this podcast is an interview with Sophie Stammers, the creator and facilitator of the workshop series and a philosopher at the University of Birmingham – she tells us about her work and her experience of facilitating the group. The rest of the podcast (from 12.25 onwards) is a group discussion amongst several participants about their experiences of the group – what was most important, what the group felt like, and what has stayed with them…

All of Sophie’s materials for the workshop series are online, so if you like what you hear you can go online and access them yourself at the link next to this podcast.

Package by: Bonnie Astor
Recording: Violet McDonald, Freddy Chick

# 2021-09-10 by CCRadio | Everything | Society, Culture & History | Communities

Audre Lorde Remembered

Black lesbian feminist poet Audre Lorde framed political struggle for a generation of women in Europe and USA. It is difficult to overestimate her legacy. To mark twentieth anniversary of her death, Fringe Film Festival 2012 screened ‘Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years 1984- 1992’. The response to the film highlighted the importance of Lorde’s legacy. Denise O’Connor and Betiel Baraki have captured some of the atmosphere for us.

Presented by: Betiel Baraki
Interviews by: Denise O’Connor
Reading of her own introduction: Sarah Ahmed
‘A Litany for Survival’ read by: Sarah Ahmed

# 2020-10-27 by CCRadio | Everything | Arts and Entertainment | LGBT | On Women

Tearing Us Apart: Isolation

This week on CCRadio we have an episode of Violet and Freddy’s psychology series Tearing Us Apart. The theme is appropriate for now—Isolation!

This was recorded before the coronavirus pandemic started, but it still seems relevant to play now.

Package by: Violet Macdonald and Freddy Chick

# 2020-03-18 by CCRadio | Everything | Society, Culture & History

Freddy talks with Candy Praise

This week we welcomed Candy Praise to the CCRadio studio. Candy’s full of ideas for podcasts to make at CCRadio and Freddy sat down with her to hear about them.

Look out for Candy’s podcasts on CCRadio soon !

# 2020-02-14 by camden | Everything