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  • derek harris (Irene McGarvey talks with DEREK HARRIS)
  • James David (Pride and Prejudice - Part 1)
  • Sheila (Mimi Romilly's "HS2 Protest Song")
  • Felix (Refusing to Implode Politely- Felix)
  • Cina (Refusing to Implode Politely)

Refusing To Implode PJ and Me

Long awaited bumper episode of Refusing To Implode Politely. Zoe Stegosaurus interviews The Repeat Beat Poet, and The Repeat Beat Poet interviews Zoe Stegosaurus. In this double-length episode, two creatives compare their approaches to writing and performing and discuss the role of poetry in postmodern culture. There’s philosophy, there’s verse, there’s desire for pizza…tune in to hear the two explore and describe a scene they love and a passion they live by.

# 2017-04-25 by CCRadio | Everything | Poetry | Society, Culture & History | Arts and Entertainment

Refusing To Implode Politely: Jake Wild Hall

Join Zoe Stegosaurus and Jake Wild Hall as they discuss post-Edinburgh Festival comedowns, self-reflection through poetry and the breadth of the London spoken word scene.

# 2016-12-05 by CCRadio | Poetry | Everything | Society, Culture & History | Arts and Entertainment

Refusing To Implode Politely: Joshua Idehen

Zoe Stegosaurus and Joshua Idehen chat about chicken, Black Lives Matter and the miniature Rufus Wainwright in Josh’s head. Swinging from the sublime to the ridiculous, not necessarily in that order, this episode kind of has it all…
Produced by Zoe Stegosaurus and Alexandra Quinn.

# 2016-10-02 by CCRadio | Everything | Poetry | Arts and Entertainment | Society, Culture & History

Refusing To Implode Politely - Maddie Godfrey

Zoe and Maddie talk inspiration, London and the impossibility of muffins. Includes the poems If My Body Was A Poem, When I Return To London, Little Sister and Labels Are For Jars.

This episode contains language some people might find offensive.

Package by: Zoe Stegosaurus and Alexandra Quinn

# 2016-09-18 by CCRadio | Everything | Poetry | On Women | Arts and Entertainment

Poems and talk with Homeless Reach

Homeless Reach is an organisation run by one incredible man: Justin. He came in to record two poems and to talk to us about his writing as well as the work he does with the homeless around London.

Listen to more poetry and music from Homeless Reach
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# 2016-08-14 by camden | Everything | Poetry | Society, Culture & History