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Tearing Us Apart: Isolation

This week on CCRadio we have an episode of Violet and Freddy’s psychology series Tearing Us Apart. The theme is appropriate for now—Isolation!

This was recorded before the coronavirus pandemic started, but it still seems relevant to play now.

Package by: Violet Macdonald and Freddy Chick

# 2020-03-18 by CCRadio | Everything | Society, Culture & History

Freddy talks with Candy Praise

This week we welcomed Candy Praise to the CCRadio studio. Candy’s full of ideas for podcasts to make at CCRadio and Freddy sat down with her to hear about them.

Look out for Candy’s podcasts on CCRadio soon !

# 2020-02-14 by camden | Everything


Streetsfest is a festival bringing together different grassroots homeless organisations in Finsbury Park. It happens at the end of each summer and last year CCRadio’s Bonny Astor and Freddy Chick went along to cover it. It’s taken a while for the piece to be edited! So let us whisk you back to a warm summer’s evening in Finsbury Park…
Package by: Bonny Astor and Freddy Chick

# 2020-01-28 by camden | Everything

How to run a prison -- interview with Veronica Bird

How to run a prison—interview with former prison officer Veronica Bird
Veronica Bird spent 35 years working inside some of London’s toughest prisons. In this programme CCRadio’s Violet spoke to Veronica about the problems facing Britain’s prison system after a recent damning report on HMP Pentonville.

# 2020-01-15 by CCRadio | Everything | Society, Culture & History

Camden's Hidden Treasures 7: Thomas Coram

Welcome to Camden’s Hidden Treasures hosted by Bonny Astor and featuring the Camden Tour Guides and their favourite secret places!

In this episode, Camden Tour Guide Brian explains why he admires Thomas Coram and the creative way he helped some of Camden’s most vulnerable residents.

Package by: Bonny Astor

# 2020-01-10 by CCRadio | Everything | Society, Culture & History | Exploring Camden