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CCRadio reported on Arsenal Ladies becoming the Invincibles in 2012

This extract from Camden Newscast 18, in 2012 features Taiwo Olungadi’s reports on Arsenal Ladies Team’s spectacular year. Taiwo mentions Ellen White’s decisive goal and list all the achievements in that year.

Later, both Beth Mead and Chloe Kelly, who scored the spectacular winning goal for England Lionesses to win the European Cup, also played for Arsenal.

Other reports in the Newscast – 20 mile zone, the environment and Bloomsbury are still relevant today!

# 2022-08-01 by CCRadio | Everything | On Women

Audre Lorde Remembered

Black lesbian feminist poet Audre Lorde framed political struggle for a generation of women in Europe and USA. It is difficult to overestimate her legacy. To mark twentieth anniversary of her death, Fringe Film Festival 2012 screened ‘Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years 1984- 1992’. The response to the film highlighted the importance of Lorde’s legacy. Denise O’Connor and Betiel Baraki have captured some of the atmosphere for us.

Presented by: Betiel Baraki
Interviews by: Denise O’Connor
Reading of her own introduction: Sarah Ahmed
‘A Litany for Survival’ read by: Sarah Ahmed

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Episode 1: The legacy of WWI women doctors

These 4 podcasts explore the Legacy of the Endell Street Military Hospital, the only British army hospital to have been established and run by women during WWI. Opened in 1915 on the site of a former Victorian workhouse by Suffragette doctors Flora Murray and Louisa Garrett Anderson, its staff of 180 women treated over 26,000 in-patients and performed over 7,000 surgical operations.
In 2018 a group of local volunteers came together to learn research and recording skills as part of a Heritage Lottery funded project, and they created these podcasts to share their findings about what happened to the hospital and its female staff members after the war ended.

Podcast by: Digital Drama
Episode 2
The postwar life of a nursing orderly
Episode 3
Interview with Endell Street Military Hospital author Wendy Moore
Episode 4
What became of the hospital building after WWI
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# 2018-12-17 by CCRadio | Everything | Society, Culture & History | On Women | Exploring Camden

The Roundhouse gets a Feminist Takeover - F Word

The Roundhouse gets a Feminist Takeover.

Fierce female line ups might be a thing of the past but they are also certainly the future. Meet the women who are proudly challenging gender politics in the music industry. Richard Pye chats to FWord founder Mackinlay Ingham and artist SADIE before they take over Camden Rpundhouse with FWord and friends on 25th October.

Package by: Richard Pye

# 2018-11-10 by CCRadio | Everything | Music Showcases | On Women

What Are they saying about the 8th Mrs Brown?

This piece was inspired by the fictional TV character Mrs Brown, which is set in Finglas, in North Dublin. A Finglas resident wonders what the people there think of the 8th amendment to the Irish constitution (which gives equal right to life to the foetus as to the pregnant woman), which is the subject of a referendum on 25th May. Taking a trip down memory lane and reviewing the hardships that putting the foetal hearbeat ahead of women’s health caused in Finglas (and all over Ireland). This audio was originally developed for a Speaking of IMELDA performance in Ireland in 2016.

The referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment to the Irish constitution and clear the way for permitting abortion up to 12 weeks takes place on 25th May. For more information, see the attached links

Package by: Marian Larragy

# 2018-05-06 by CCRadio | Everything | Drama | Society, Culture & History | On Women